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YARBAR Extenders

The yarbar extenders are designed to extend the support for your back during the adiposetest testing process. This advanced and sensitive flesh-to-nose skin testing is revealing your body for anyone who wants to see what your body is made of. With the yarbar extenders, you can now wear your back is the way you want to show your friends and family.

Free Shipping YARBAR Extenders

The yarbar extenders are a new line of backbraiding products designed to provide more support and finished look by extending and braiding your back. The products are koozie style extenders that are stretchy back braiding products. They are made of durable materials that will keep your bra band and back look neat and tidy.
this soft and comfortable bra band extension pack will help you keep your cup while you're working. It comes with 3 of them, which are perfect for different types of cups. If you have a large or wide cup, these will fit you perfectly. The softness of the bra band will also make it easier for you to have a comfortable cup.
looking for a comfortable way to add transport or support to your body? these yarbar extenders are perfect! With four hook points, these bra extenders will let your body fall into place. Plus, the soft fabric and comfortable straps will make you feel confident and beautiful.